72 Hours Guide

There are 7 core characters that can be pursued, sexed up and transformed into in the game. All are male and homosexual.

NATHAN (Otter)
Nathan can be found in the residential district. As a friend of Will's, no conditions need to be fulfilled to find him. Simply visit him at the residential district and talk to him to access his scene.

You must find Jeremy through his brother, Finn. Finn works at the Coffee Shop in the Recreational District. First however, you must turn in the Feraller photograph at the embassy in the Commercial District. You can then explain your story to Finn at the coffee shop, who will believe you as the Feraller will then be on record. Finn will give you his address, where you will find Jeremy. Jeremy will not sleep with you immediately, as Finn will explain if you talk to him on day 3, he has trouble getting it up. Acquiring some aphrodisiacs from the Pharmacy in the Commercial District before day 3 will give access to his scene.

Jeremy has a second scene which involves a threesome with him and his brother Finn. This can be accessed by getting their address first using the steps above. You must wait until the third day before going to buy the aphrodisiac pills. You will be told they are out of stock, tell Finn about this in his apartment to access the scene.

MIKAEL (Panther)
Mikael will appear in the library on day 2 only at the book signing event. There will be a short scene with him there, then you can follow up with him at the Hotel Grande in the Recreational District. He will leave if you continue to day 3.

Sebastian is a prostitute at the Hotel Grande. To pay for his services, you must earn some money by turning in the Feraller photograph at the embassy in the Commercial District. Once you've paid for him on the computer in Will's Apartment, you can find him at the hotel to see his scene.

DANNY (Horse)
Danny is the receptionist at Earth's Embassy in the Commercial District. You can access his scene by handing over the vial from the Shop of Mystery. The vial can be found in the Shop of Mystery on day 2 only. When promopted, take the vial back from Danny to access his scene.

EDGAR (Dragon)
Edgar is the proprietor of the Shop of Mystery. He will appear under specific conditions. You must visit his shop on all 3 days, advancing time by sleeping in Will's Apartment. You must not take the vial in the shop on day 2. If you fulfil both of these conditions, Edgar will appear as you leave the shop on day 3. Accept the tour from Edgar. After this, an option will be given to drink a vial to cure Will. Refuse to drink the vial and you will access Edgar's scene.

There are two scenes available with Edgar. One of them is a regular sex scene, and another transforms him into a dominant, tentacled dragon. To access the second one, mention to him that you like tentacles. Else, you will view the regular scene.

RIN (Bird)
Rin is the bird who rescues Will in the intro. He will remain on the space station for day 1 only. In order to access his scene, you must first hire Sebastian. To do this, you must first turn in the Feraller photograph at the embassy in the Commercial District to earn money. Then, you can hire Sebastian through the computer in Will's apartment. Having received Sebastian's room number, you can tip off Rin and then successfully proposition him.

In addition to transforming into one of the 7 different species, you can cure the infection or submit to its corruption. However, be aware that there are no sexual scenes available on either of these endings.

To corrupt Will, simply sleep in the bed in his apartment three times. You will then see Will transform into a feral wolf creature.

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